Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oracle Configurator CZInfo.jsp page

I have found CZInfo.jsp a very useful page while working with Oracle applications.
It can be accessed on any EBS instance by directly typing following URL (replace your instance host name and port number)
You will be able to see output of the page only when FND: Diagnostics (profile option) are enabled.

This page will list following:
  • System Properties
    • It will list all Java System Properties. Many times useful to check if any changes in (11.5.10) or in (R12) have taken effect or not and to observe many other things.
    • You can observe java classpath, few environment variables, and DBC file location. Explore this more to find what more you can do :)
  • Publication Lookup
    • Useful to do publication lookup for given inventory_item_id/organization_id or product_key.
    • It will give publication_id, published model_id and ui_def_id.
  • JRAD documents for a given UI
    • If you have ever wondered that how XML pages of Configurator UI page (developed in Configurator Developer) are structured or what is stored in MDS repository, you can use this feature to find its details.
    • Enter the ui_def_id of the UI. It will display pages and templates used by the UI. You can get ui_def_id from cz_ui_defs table.
    • Sometimes very useful for debugging UI corruption issue.
  • JRAD documents by Path
    • Here you can specify any JRAD document for Oracle application and can see its XML structure. 
    • Sometimes useful to find personalization of the page and other details.
  • ARCS version of class loaded in the JVM
    • This is the most useful feature.
    • You can find any java class located on the system (in classpath). It will display the location on the class in middle-tier.
    • Sometimes your CX archive class may be present in file system and due to that, you will not be able to see changes from your archive uploaded in Configurator developer. You can check if the same class is there on the file system.
    • It will also list arcs (Oracle source control) version of the file. Many times useful and asked by Oracle Support to check the version of specific class to validate if the new fix has been applied properly on the instance.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Adobe Reader PDF launch performance

Recently I have observed that whenever I open any PDF file in Adobe Reader (Version 10.1), it takes lot of time to display PDF file.
Looks like it does some processing of document for loading plugins. I just renamed the plugin's folder under installation directory of Adobe (typically it is C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0).
I found two folders for plugin in my machine.
Just renamed them to some other name.
Now the Adobe is launching PDF very quickly.

Now you will face problem while searching in pdf file - because you have disabled all plugins :(
So now selectively add plugin as you need by creating above folder and finding plugins from renamed folder. They are self explanatory by name, so should not be difficult to find out their usage.