Sunday, October 6, 2013

Configurator: Deploying CX class in archive vs file system

CZ Extension java classes uploaded directly on middletier / unix box:
  1. Java extension classes are placed in middle-tier/unix file system
  2. (11.5.10) or (R12) file should be updated to add extension classes in classpath.
  3. All published Configurator models will use same extension classes
  4. Any new change in code will require a Jserv/OC4J bounce to take effect, no model republish required
  5. Any code change will affect all published models using extension classes
  6. Any application in the EBIZ running on Jserv/OC4J will have access to all CZ Extension classes through java classpath
CZ Extension java classes uploaded through archive
  1. No changes required on middletier/unix box
  2. Classes are stored in binary format in database table
  3. Any change in CX requires archive upload on Configurator Model Development instance and ALL MODELS referring the archive needs to be published again,  no server bounce required
  4. Code change will be effective on model basis - whichever model is published will have new code.
  5. Only CZ models which are using the archive will have access to java classes, no other application of EBIZ will have access to these extension classes.
  6. These classes are loaded dynamically by Runtime Configurator