Sunday, January 26, 2014

Oracle Configurator CIO and dependent jar files

Here are the some of the jar files required to build Configurator CX extensions and few other test cases around that.

It contains old jar along with JDBC, FND, OC4J and other related jars. Its link to dropbox. These jars are from Oracle applications 12.1.x version.

Although these files are here for reference purpose, its always good to get them from your instance where you are going to deploy your changes. You can get all of the following classes from $JAVA_TOP directory on instance middle-tier.

UPDATE: Link to jar file is removed now. Jar file can be created with following commands from middletier unix box.

bash>cd $JAVA_TOP
bash>jar cvf oracle/apps/cz
bash>jar cvf oracle.apps.fnd.jar oracle/apps/fnd