Saturday, June 23, 2012

Configurator Table - CZ_SERVERS

Configurator schema has plenty of tables, but one of the important one is CZ_SERVERS. Although you will not need to look at it frequently, but when something is wrong with instance or after cloning/migration, you need to ensure that CZ_SERVERS table contains correct data.

You can get complete details of the columns from Oracle ETRM

Few useful information:
The table must contain one entry atleast for local_name="LOCAL" and server_local_id=0 value. This record identifies local host for the server. If you clone or create new instance, then please ensure that the hostname is updated with this value from that instance
select host_name from v$instance

Please ensure that all the db links are active for the servers which are you using (either for BOM Import or Publication target). The db link names should be available in FNDNAM_LINK_NAME column. Same should exists in dba_db_links table.

Should be set to 1 only for one record in the table.

This flag will be set to 1 for the server record from which the publication has been done. If Instance A is doing publication to Instance B, then B's cz_servers will contain value "1" for the row which contains entry of Instance A.
If this flag is set to 1 for any record in cz_servers, then you cannot launch Configurator Developer on the instance. The reason is - Configurator thinks that this instance is a publication target. Doing a development activity on the instance may cause data corruption.