Monday, September 19, 2011

Oracle Application R12 release setup

Few important environment variables and filepaths:

gives the context file which should be used to any global permanent update to the instance.

stores information about OC4J server classpath.

stores information about servet and jsp settings. New servlet needs to be defined here. If new jsps are added to the instance and they not getting recompiled automatically, following setting needs to be set for main_mode parameter in this file. Usually this setting is set to justrun which does not compile new jsp files.


Classpath for the Java Concurrent programs should be set in adovars.env file.

Look for following element in $CONTEXT_FILE
 <oa_environment type="adovars">
This element will contain parameters for actual adovars file referred by instance. Sometimes there can be multiple adovars environment files on the instance and this should point to currently used adovars file.

Set the value for AF_CLASSPATH element tag to append or prepend classpath for concurrent programs.

Use this file to setup new system properties for OC4J. For Configurator users, you will find cz init properties file reference in this file.

All log files are available here under respective directories like Apache, j2ee, oacore etc.

Apache/OC4J start/stop server scripts are available under $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/

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