Friday, May 25, 2012

Making the Configurator Features Required dynamically

Oracle Configurator provides in built support to make any option feature required at design time itself. If minimum selection of any option feature is set to 1, it becomes required at runtime (Configuration time) and user will not be finish the Configuration with complete status=true.

Sometimes you need to make option feature required at runtime - based on certain conditions (selections).
Lets say you need to make Option Feature OF (min=0) required if Boolean Feature BF is selected. You can quickly write a rule like
BF requires OF
At runtime, if BF is selected by user or by rules, OF will become mandatory selection for user.

What about other type of features? We cannot use Text Feature in rule at all. So, how to make all other features mandatory on certain conditions. Its very standard requirement and Oracle has provided a white paper on it. Please refer paper "Making a Numeric Feature a Required Input in Oracle Configurator" in Oracle Configurator White Papers [ID 434324.1]

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