Thursday, March 28, 2013

CZ: Configurator Model Report in XML

Configurator provides Model Report functionality to view model structure, rules, properties, item types in pdf. You can generate model report in Configurator Developer > Repository > Work Bench (for any model) > General Tab > Click on Model Report button.

Also note that Configurator does not maintain model revision history; so few customers will use model report  as revision history for models to track changes in the model. But pdf model report is not good enough to maintain the history and view the delta differences between models.
In such case, customer may want to implement custom revision history and they need model data in some readable format which they can process. For such cases, you can chose to generate model report in xml format and store its revision.

Do following to generate model report in xml:

Configurator Developer > Preferences (link on top right corner besides Logout links) > Configurator Preferences

In custom init param page (last section), enter following. Here /tmp/mymodel13FEB2013.xml is the file path on unix box which will contain xml model report.


Few benefits of xml model report:

  1. Maintain model revision history in single instance - keep taking xml report at certain interval and save in version control tool.
  2. Generate xml model report between two different instances and compare them to find delta differences between instances
  3. Any other processing/validation to be performed on model programmatically; although I would prefer direct table query for this.
Unfortunately xml model report does not cover UI structure.  We can get details of UI using CZInfo.jsp.

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