Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rename Item and Reflect change in Configurator

In  implementation, there would be scenarios when some items (option class/standard item/model) are named wrongly and need to be corrected. Usually the problem will worsen if the model is already imported into Configurator and there are lot of rules for that particular item. If you delete the item and create new one with correct name, next Configurator Model Refresh will cause issues for existing configurator rules for item. Rule will become invalid because its participant node would have been deleted. But there is a better simple alternate. Check following settings that will be helpful in similar scenarios.

Inventory Profile INV: Updateable Item Name
Oracle documentation says: This profile option controls whether the system enables you to change the item name after you save it. Setting the value to No prevents you from altering the item name after the initial save.
Inventory predefines a value of No for this profile option for all levels upon installation.
This profile option is updateable at all levels.

One more hurdle could be while refreshing the model in Configurator. Usually Configurator does not import/refresh item name change in Configurator Model.

Check following query.
select noupdate 
from cz_xfr_fields
where xfr_group='IMPORT' and dst_field='REF_PART_NBR';

If above query returns 1 means item name change import is not enabled. You can enable it by changing this field to 0 using following query.

update cz_xfr_fields
set noupdate=0
where xfr_group='IMPORT' and dst_field='REF_PART_NBR';

There are more parameters in this table cz_xfr_fields which can be of your interest depending on issue/requirement you have. Check it out by looking at all entries in this table.

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