Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Configurator: AltBatchValidateUrl parameter in CZ_DB_SETTINGS

If you are getting error while Book Order process in Order Management, then you can look at debugging details here.

When we click on Configurator button in OM, Configurator uses BOM:Configurator URL of UI Manager profile option to find URL where configurator instance is hosted.

Book Order/Batch Validation uses same URL for batch validation purpose. If this URL is secured one (with https protocol), DBA can configure Alternate URL (usually non-secure, plain http) using cz_db_settings for quick validation process  - non-secure URL does not require wallet setup in db tier.

So, AltBatchValidateURL is not mandatory when we are using plain http URL for configurator UI launch. If not specified (cz_db_settings does not have entry for AltBatchValidateURL), configurator will use above profile URL for it. But when specified, it must be valid URL to find configurator host.

In current case, AltBatchValidateURL should match with BOM:Configurator URL of UI Manager profile option on the instance – that will be the correct entry for any host.

If BOM:Configurator URL of UI Manager is incorrect, then user will not be able to launch Configurator UI at all and will be quickly identified by any user.

Using Batch Validation and AltBatchValidateURL Correctly in an SSL Environment (Doc ID 458587.1)

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