Wednesday, July 6, 2016

JRAD doc queries

Very useful which can help you find lot of issues related to missing intl txt or publication issue or identify corrupted ui template

--Debug the missing intl_text_id, find it in attribute values
select * from JDR_ATTRIBUTES where att_value like '%8581175%';

--use above component id to get document name
select jdr_mds_internal.getdocumentname(95614) from dual;

--use this to find the template element causing issue by checking sequence id
select * from jdr_components where comp_docid in (95614);

--use above jdr document name to find the content template
select * from cz_ui_templates where jrad_doc='/oracle/apps/cz/runtime/oa/webui/templates/regions/6448_162';

--check which page is referring this template
select * from cz_ui_page_elements where ctrl_template_id=6448;

select * from cz_localized_texts where localized_str like '%';

select * from cz_ui_defs where ui_Def_id in (62791);

select * from cz_ui_templates where ui_Def_id in (62791);

select * from fnd_new_messages where message_text like '%Message Text Here%';

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